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China expats

Habits of Successful China Expats

They negotiate. A few people love negotiating, but most love to hate it. Successful China expats know when to bargain and how ...
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How to spend Christmas in China

Celebrating Christmas in a foreign country can be just as fun as celebrating the holidays back home. Of course, you'll ...
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Teaching in China

Teaching in China Mistakes to Avoid

Teaching in China is becoming more and more popular as the world learns more about China and Chinese culture. In ...
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breakfast food

China’s Best Breakfast Foods

Chinese food is delicious and extremely varied, but in the morning when you're looking for breakfast food to eat, there ...
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China tips

China Teaching Tips for the Uninitiated

Coming to China to teach English for the very first time can be rather daunting. However, with the proper preparation ...
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China: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Some of the best advice I've ever received about teaching English in China is to expect the unexpected.  To the ...
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Best food delivery apps in China

After moving to China, the best way to adapt to China life is by using the same apps that locals use ...
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Four of the Best Ways to Relax in China

Living in China can be stressful at times and we all need to relax more to handle the challenges life ...
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Chinese inventions

The Greatest Chinese Inventions of All Time

China has a fascinating history full of interesting events, legends and Chinese inventions. If you can keep all of the difficult Chinese names ...
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Housing Options in China

If you’re coming to China to teach English with a Good Teachers Union school, you’ll need some sort of housing ...
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Do you want to TEFL, TESL, or TESOL?

Have you ever thought about teaching English abroad, but found they use top-secret codes like TEFL, TESL, and TESOL? Lucky ...
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Chinese Valentine’s Day

You may be surprised to find out that China celebrates two Valentine's days. The seventh day of the seventh month of ...
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First Year

5 Must-do’s for Your First Year in China

If you plan to come to China to teach English with GT Union anytime in the near future, awesome! But moving ...
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Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival

Happy Dragon Boat Festival aka Duan Wu Jie! Perhaps the best part of this holiday is the fact that most ...
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Top Chongqing Attractions

Chongqing municipality, in southwest China, is well-known for its mountains, rivers, misty skies, spicy hotpot, and beautiful women. In addition ...
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Top Shenzhen Attractions

Shenzhen is a modern, sunny city in the south of China that enjoys warm weather all year round. After you ...
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Guangzhou travel

Top Guangzhou Attractions

One of the best reasons to teach English in China is because you can work anywhere in the country! Besides ...
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morning tea

Tea drinking culture in Guangzhou

Almost everyone knows that people in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, love drinking tea, especially having morning tea. When ...
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What is Qingming Festival?

China has many holidays that most Westerners have never heard about before. One of them is Qingming Festival, otherwise known as ...
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Study Abroad

Life after Studying Abroad in China

Traveling to China to study abroad is an excellent use of your summer vacation or gap year. While your classmates ...
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China subway

Riding the subway in China

If you’ve decided to come to China to teach English and are living in a larger Chinese city such as ...
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Beijing Attractions

Top Beijing Attractions

  The Great Wall Skip the most popular section, Badaling and try scenic Mutianyu to enjoy a less crowded view of the ...
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Lantern Festival

China’s Lantern Festival

The very last day of Spring Festival is a holiday all of its own, Lantern Festival. This festival marks the fifteenth ...
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Spring Festival

Spring Festival: China’s Christmas

The most important holiday in China is Spring Festival, one of two “Golden Week” holidays in China. It is similar ...
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Top Places to Learn Chinese in China

One of the best things you can do for yourself before you arrive in China is to learn some Chinese ...
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Expat websites

China Expat Websites

There is nothing worse than moving to a new city with no friends and no clue where to find anything ...
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China’s Dongzhi Festival

Did you know December 22 (and sometimes December 21) is a holiday in China? Well, it is! Dongzhi Festival is usually ...
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Making Friends in China

If it's your first time moving to China, there is a lot to worry about in advance. How can I find ...
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Study Abroad

Why You Shouldn’t Study Abroad in China

China is not the best place to simply study abroad. It’s the best place to live, make friends, network, work ...
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Nightlife and Entertainment in China

You might think the nightlife and entertainment in a country with 5,000 years of history would be out of touch and ...
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Harbin Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival

Once the weather turns chilly in the north of China, people start looking forward to two events. The first is ...
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Chinese cuisine

Eight Chinese Cuisines You’ve Never Heard Of

No matter where you were born, chances are good that you’ve had Chinese cuisine before. There are thousands of dishes ...
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China Holidays

11.11 – Two Holidays in One

What do you get when you combine the craziness of Black Friday with the online ease of Cyber Monday? China’s ...
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Teach in China

Choosing Where to Teach in China

Public Chinese schools Public schools are funded by the government and house the majority of students. Over 200 million (about 93% ...
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Living in China

Top Shanghai Attractions

The Bund Going to Shanghai and not seeing the Bund is equivalent to going to Beijing and not seeing the Great ...
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The Hiring Process: The TEFL Contract

Okay! So you’ve contacted Good Teachers Union about Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in China. We’ve answered any ...
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China packing essentials

China Packing Essentials

Your China packing essentials should include a variety of things that may be unnecessarily expensive or impossible to find in the Middle ...
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Interview in China

The Hiring Process: The Interview

Just like any job, before being hired you can expect to go to at least one interview, if not several ...
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Chinese in a nutshell

Chinese Language In A Nutshell

A common misconception about the Chinese language is that it is the same all over China and if you speak ...
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China hotels

Finding The Best Hotels In China

If you're traveling to China or moving here to teach English and haven't found an apartment yet, you will most ...
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Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.48.24 PM

Five More Reasons to Teach English In China

Are you on the fence about whether you should teach English in China or not? If our previous article on ...
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F China visa

The Best China Visa For You

Anyone who wants to live in China or simply visit China, needs a visa to legally enter the country. Getting a ...
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map of china

What is a Special Administrative Region in China?

Unbeknownst to most Westerners, all of China is not a single unified country. There are four distinct areas of China ...
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Transportation in China

Transportation In China

When you first move to China to teach English, you may be amazed at how well China’s transportation system works ...
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Crowds of Chinese tourists

Seven Golden Days In October – China’s National Day Holiday

The October first holiday in China is a celebration of over 65 years since the founding of the People's Republic of ...
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Chinese learning

Best Websites For Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese is not something that you can do without help. We highly recommend coming to China to learn Chinese, ...
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Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns

The Mysterious Mid-Autumn Festival

In the West, most people have never heard of Mid-Autumn Festival, which is primarily an Asian holiday. The exact date ...
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China And US Working Together

A new milestone was reached between China and the US this week. During Xi Jinping's, the President of the People's ...
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Renting an apartment in China

Finding An Apartment In China

After arriving in China to teach English, you’ll need a place to live. Finding an apartment in China is not ...
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learning chinese

Why Learning Chinese Is Essential

For many westerners Far East culture is a mysterious thing: it's so distant from our own Western world geographically, culturally, ...
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A GTU English teacher in action

How To Become An English Teacher In China

In order to be hired by a school to teach in China, you will usually need to meet several basic ...
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Google coming to China?

Facebook & Google Coming To China?

  One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Expats Abroad Most of us know that the infamous Great Firewall of ...
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Chinese Currency

Introduction To Chinese Currency

Deciding to move overseas is a big deal. When you move overseas besides the stark cultural and language differences another ...
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5 Reasons To Teach English In China

Teaching in China can be a rewarding experience for teachers of any age. China is a particularly interesting and fascinating ...
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Great Firewall of China

Why A VPN Is Essential In China

So you’ve decided to jump in and move to China! Congratulations! Now what do you do? As you have more than ...
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Yunnan province, China

Get Paid To Live And Travel Abroad By English Teaching

Not everyone can afford to travel to exotic locations or take time off of work for a long vacation. But ...
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what surprise in china awaits

Six Unexpected Surprises In China

Surprises in China abound. If your only exposure to Asia- particularly China- has come second hand then you can be ...
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Outside the office

Moving Abroad: How To Make Money

Traveling, for most people, is a big deal. Whether it’s just a cruise for a week, or an extended vacation ...
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English Teaching

7 Ways To Rock Your China English Teaching Job

Teaching abroad can open the door to many different possibilities. China is a great place to start teaching because English ...
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Living Abroad is a life changing experience

Free Yourself by Living Abroad

Are you ready to truly live? To live life to the fullest like so many people claim to do? Then ...
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If you use a VPN you can bypass China's firewall

Top Reasons To Use A VPN

This article first appeared on To view the full article please click this link. So you’ve done some research on ...
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Smog In China: The Reality

Smog in China of the most used excuses of expats when thinking about moving to a major city in China. Media ...
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Working in China

Adapting To Working In China

  One of the biggest issues to deal with when moving is finding a way to support yourself financially. In China, ...
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Living in China at night

Living In China

China is huge. It’s simply massive, and highly populated. In 2013, the People’s Republic of China put its population at ...
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